How Much Is It To Ceramic Coat A Car?

2023 GMC Sierra 1500 in Volcanic Red Tintcoat

If you want to keep your car’s finish in pristine condition, a little extra protection can go a long way. One of the toughest protective coatings on the market today is the ceramic coat. So, what is ceramic coating for cars? It’s an invisible barrier that shields your car’s paint from UV damage, chips, corrosion and more. This allows your vehicle to shine brightly on the Evergreen, which gives you extra peace of mind while driving. Learn how long does it take to ceramic coat a car and how much to ceramic coat a car with Lee Motor Company, and get more service tips while you’re here!



How Long Does it Take to Ceramic Coat a Car?

You might be surprised to learn just how labor-intensive the ceramic coating process can be. That’s because ceramic coating must be applied by hand by highly-skilled experts. But even before the coating process begins, your car will go through an intensive process of preparation that includes:

  • Prewash
  • Hand wash
  • Paint correction
  • Panel wipe
  • Polish 

While washing and polishing are important, the paint correction process that takes the most time by far. Ceramic coating must be applied to a smooth and flawless surface – which is why it’s most commonly performed on factory-fresh vehicles. Cars with rougher paint will need a lot of help, which translates to higher bills. For most vehicles, expect around 20 to 30 hours for a good ceramic coating treatment.

How Much Does it Cost to Ceramic Coat a Car?

Estimating how much to ceramic coat a car can be tricky. While some cars may only cost $500, other may cost well over $3,000. That’s because a number of different factors can skew your bill tremendously. For example, an old truck with lots of wear and tear will need much more paint correction than a brand new compact sedan. When trying to determine how much to ceramic coat your car, factor in the following:

  • Age: Brand-new cars need minimal paint correction, while older cars have seen a lot more damage on the Atmore road.
  • Vehicle: Smaller cars take less time to paint than a larger car. That means a full-size SUV will take more work than a small hatchback.
  • Paint: Lighter paint colors hide flaws more easily, while darker paint colors highlight every scratch and chip. A darker paint color will take more paint correction than a lighter paint color on average.

Get Your Service Quote at Lee Motor Company

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