Are Electric Cars Really Better for the Environment?

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV on Street

When Evergreen and Brewton drivers are thinking about making the switch from their gas-powered cars to electric ones like the Bolt EV, the environmental benefits are never left out of the conversation. And for a good reason. But one question that often comes up is, “Are electric cars really better for the environment?” Overall, yes: electric cars offer many advantages that are worth mentioning, and despite some drawbacks, they produce far fewer harmful emissions than conventional cars.



We answer the question, “are electric cars better for the environment?” and more with this guide from Lee Motor Company.

What are the Environmental Benefits of Electric Cars?

Before we go any further, let’s review the known environmental benefits of electric cars:

  • Lower Emissions: The Wall Street Journal estimated that over 200,000 miles on the road, an electric car will generate around 36 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and a typical fuel-efficient SUV will generate 78 tons— or twice as much!
  • Renewable Sources: Electric cars rely on renewable sources, so they have the potential to be even more environmentally friendly when they switch to cleaner sources. Gas-powered cars, on the other hand, will not.
  • Reduced Upkeep: Electric cars have fewer moving parts, which results in a longer lifespan and fewer maintenance needs overall. This means less waste and consumed resources, like motor oil and gasoline.

Common Misconceptions about Electric Cars

Here are some concerns that Atmore drivers have when they’re researching electric cars:

  • What About the Batteries? Are electric cars better for the environment when you factor in the manufacturing of EV batteries? Absolutely! When you factor in the additional energy required to manufacture an EV’s battery, it still doesn’t come close to the total greenhouse gas emissions of a conventional vehicle.
  • What About Power Plants? Generating electricity can create carbon pollution. This amount can vary widely, depending on whether natural gas or coal is used. Still, the overall low emissions and the potential for renewable energy still put EVs far ahead of gas-powered vehicles.
  • What About Safety? No matter how the car is powered, every vehicle in the United States is subject to a long and arduous testing process to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. EV packs also receive their own testing standards, and they are designed to shut down the electrical system when they detect a collision or short circuit.

Find Out More with Lee Motor Company

When you get behind the wheels of an electric vehicle, the difference you’re making is bigger than you might think. If you’re ready to get your hands on your very own EV, then contact us today to schedule a test drive or apply for financing online. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the benefits both environmentally and financially with the latest EVs from Lee Motor Company.


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